Random Acts of Kindness

Boy & Girl Sculpture

© 2013 Anne Campagnet-Reed

Yesterday my two daughters were at Starbuck’s. They saw a bicycle parked outside. In front of the bike was a sign:


My younger daughter asked her sister for some money to buy a croissant. Then she asked the barista to borrow a Sharpie. She wrote “For you” on the fancy little bag that the croissant came in. Then she went outside and tucked the bag behind the sign. They sat and watched through the store window. When the man returned, he found the bag. They watched as he found the bag and its contents. He seemed amazed and really appreciative. Then he came into the Starbuck’s and looked around. Finally he sat down and ate his croissant. When she told me about it later, my daughter felt really happy.

It was a small act of kindness, but the kind that really makes someone’s day. We need more of these every day!


Have you taken your mom for a walk today

Blurry Flowers

Have you taken your mom for a walk today

to the park to watch the children play?


to feel the sun on her wrinkled cheek

and watch frolicking birds

at the edge of the bay?


Have you had a long talk with your dad today

about things he imagines

that won’t go away?

Or gone to the shed to see his display

of rusty old saws that he won’t throw away?


Do you listen to kids who push you away

and call you names, but want you to stay?

Can you hear their words or feel their dreams

in the music that raves

and the games they play?


Do you listen to birds who speak without words;

Can you imagine dragons?

Would you sit by the fire to hear the tales

of the pilgrims who circle their wagons?


Does the song of the river turn you around,

Does poetry give you pleasure?

Do you believe that the soul of the earth

is something you never can measure?