Sentient Pear


seated on a rope spool

around the small family table

i was offered something special.

green and oval

like an avocado, but, with scales.

dragon pear.


i stared in wonder. papa with great panache,

and a paring knife, demonstrated ever so precisely

the flaying and vivisection

of this most noble fruit.


i see

pink, like watermelon,

tangy sweetness, like a strawberry,

but not …

perfume for the tongue, atomized

into evanescence.

ambrosia. undefinable; no reference point.


big back eyes that were seeds, staring back innocently.

cooling and green, like nectar from a melon

forming a long rivulet that dripped off my chin.


that was before computers.

today I looked up cherimoya on wikipedia:


“although the cherimoya cannot stand snow,

it does like to see it in the distance.”

Snowy Peak

(See to participate!)

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