Rainbow Ants

This post, reblogged from eMORFS, featuring photos by Mohammed Babu/Solent News, shows that you really ARE what you eat! I love the visual.



Scientist Mohamed Babu from India mixed sugar drops with edible colours red, green, blue and yellow and placed them in his garden to attract these translucent ants after his wife, Shameem, showed him some ants had turned white after drinking spilt milk. Their transparent abdomens reflected what they’ve ingested. “Some of the ants even wandered from one colour to another, creating new combinations in their bodies,” Babu said. Check out the amazing images below.
Photos set up by Mohamed Babu / Solent News & Photo Agency

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outdoor backstroke


seasonless california february:
almost warm, but
a grizzled hint of chill ingratiates
the lukewarm clear water.
still, you quiver once on immersion.

gliding like a fish,
effortless arcs,
one sinewy arm
after the other,
feet ripple like happy mermaid fins

gray-washed, above
airplane height
a dance of crows and sparrows
black against bright billows
swoop and hover

the air and water welcome you
as family
as you breathe
and you are free