A certain presence on a tree
Unflinching, looking back at me;
Amazing coat of dream-lore art,
and razor griffon claws, so smart:
If ever doubted I before
the tales of dragon lords of yore,
This wise perceiver puts me straight;
His magic i cannot negate.


P1080407Goannas, also called Monitors, are large reptiles that live in the Australian bush, this one is very beautiful and was around four foot top to tail, I spotted him on the side of a rural dirt road on a way to a friend’s place at Glenugie on the north coast of NSW. I think he is vying with the kookaburra to be king of the bush!

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orange colored sand stone

Orange colored

sand stone

[neither / nor.]

Tranquil as

the shoosh of foam

[and close moist air warm.]


Pleasant yet

hurting feet

[not the fault of the spot.]

Carving in

like Lascaux

[humorous and serious.]


This house where the wind blows

House where the wind blows

This house where the wind blows:
I like it and I don’t;
near the dried river,
wet only in the rains
that seep underground and make the walls mold.

My head spins
for longing,
for wishing it had a sunny mountaintop
where only breezes blow.


False Hope

Acorn hubs on ground

To be dealt so glibly with
Not once, but twice
and more, as if …
The promises and praise before
meant nothing,
as he closed the door.

A solemn thought grows tense upon my shoulder;
My soul knows more than senses, now it’s older;
The question in the balance waits the date:
The balance swinging heavy with my fate.

He clings to the teetering arm
of a pendulum of his own device;
his easy voice and casual charm
ripple atop the murky depth
of a 
whose origins and audience
are unknown
even to