Something About Place


When you find a place that you really love,

a place with power and beauty,

you want to return there again and again;

it becomes an obsession (almost).

Silly, but you anticipate returning

in the way you anticipate

seeing a dear and intimate friend,

or a new lover

who seduces your curiosity and titillates your sensibilities

as if you were a schoolgirl …

or in the way a person seeks guidance

from a counselor or spiritual advisor

… or in the way you research a burning question

whose answer eludes you …

You think of Monet

who painted 30 unique canvases of Rouen Cathedral

because he just couldn’t get it out of his being …

And when you return on each of many pilgrimages,

you find it delightfully different every time:

the temperament of the sky,

the colors that are blooming,

the subtly transformed limbs and leaves of the trees,

the birds who are there that day—

like moods or clothes a friend would wear on different days …

And like a lover, you want to keep this place a secret

because it is so beautiful

you are jealous

to share it with anyone else.


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